God Encounters at Spirit Halloween

I discovered a new store yesterday: Spirit Halloween. One of the workers told me it’s a seasonal store that only pops up during Halloween season. I felt a strong desire to go inside to pray for individuals and bless them.

Jesus healed today!

Met a beautiful couple a few days ago. I noticed a gentleman limping and approached him and his wife. I shared about how I have seen Jesus heal and if they wanted to experience His healing.

How to overcome terrors in the night 🥊🔥🙏🏾

On February 2, 2021 I woke up from a dream around 3-something in the morning: A person I personally know decided to vocally curse me out (but not with profanities). It was vicious and evil. The person held on to me; wanted to make sure I was “afraid” and that I heard their curses. The […]

Midnight Prayer Watch Volunteers

Prayer Volunteers: Every Monday from 12 AM to 1 AM EST, I pray God’s heart over the special needs community with prayer volunteers. If you are a watchman, intercessor, and prayer warrior and love praying God’s heart over His people then you are invited to join me each Monday in praying for this amazing community. […]

Dream about God’s heart for Prayer in the Special Needs Community

In early April, I got an amazing gift in the mail as a belated birthday gift. This gift, an IHOP Prayer Room CD, is what I like to call “prophetic” because it is spot on with what God has been speaking to me about for some time now. It was January of 2017 that God […]

Let Prayer Become Your Superpower

I’m excited to share some Freedom Now merchandise with you all! The process of building Freedom Now has been a journey with much prayer, and prayer has truly become my superpower. If you’re passionate about prayer; want to learn more about prayer; or just love and care about the special needs community, and you’re interested […]