Dream about God’s heart for Prayer in the Special Needs Community

In early April, I got an amazing gift in the mail as a belated birthday gift. This gift, an IHOP Prayer Room CD, is what I like to call “prophetic” because it is spot on with what God has been speaking to me about for some time now. It was January of 2017 that God gave me a dream where I was at an IHOP-U program. A woman was handing out cake to the different groups of individuals. She had a cart and we could all see the portion of cake everyone was receiving. Each group received plenty and their slices looked amazing. By the time the woman reached my group, which consisted of three others, the cake no longer looked pleasant. It looked like scraps, crumbs, just the leftover pieces that nobody wanted. It was clearly not enough for myself and the three others. Immediately, I voiced my opinion to this woman and began advocating for my people. I cared about the members of my group eating more so than myself. One of the girls in my group wept hardcore and said, “We are always last.” It was clear in the dream how angry I was. I felt it in the dream and when I woke up from the dream.

I wrote the dream down and prayed but didn’t’ get any revelation. It didn’t happen until I went to a small group meeting and the Lord led me to share my dream with one of the leaders. After sharing, she began to speak to me about the “least of these.” I wrote down some notes and took it back to God. I prayed some more and waited. Time went on and I received a gift in the mail with a prophetic word from a different individual. (This gift is not the same one that is in this picture, but another one that is connected to this gift.) This gift made it clear that I was on the right track with prayer and the community I love and serve – the special needs community. God was showing me that this community that He so loves is not getting God’s best. They are seen as the “least of these” and God wants this community treated better, honored, loved and given the best in prayer, not the crumbs, scraps, and the leftovers.

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