Midnight Prayer Watch Volunteers

Prayer Volunteers:

Every Monday from 12 AM to 1 AM EST, I pray God’s heart over the special needs community with prayer volunteers.

If you are a watchman, intercessor, and prayer warrior and love praying God’s heart over His people then you are invited to join me each Monday in praying for this amazing community.

I’m looking for faithful prayer intercessors to join me in the night watch to contend for sweet sleep over parents and children with special needs. I cannot tell you how many parents have told me that they and their children are not getting enough sleep to function properly throughout their day.

We will pray blessings on marriages and families with children with special needs. It’s not easy for parents to hold a job, continually take their kiddos to therapy/medical appointments, etc., and not feel overwhelmed with the many things that are going on in their day-to-day lives.

We will intercede for Caregivers who pour into the lives of children with special needs and ask God for His wisdom in their lives. Not many understand the stresses that come with collecting data, tracking behaviors, and doing our very best to teach programs that help children grow in skills in hopes that these children would learn to live independent lives for themselves (i.e. job opportunities, advanced education, etc.).

To become a prayer volunteer you do not have to be someone who directly works with the special needs community, just someone who loves this beautiful community, wants God’s best for them, and desires to pray God’s heart over the special needs community. If that’s you contact Olawunmi at info@freedomnowllc.com for more details.

P.S. For those of you asking, why 12AM? Check out Acts 16:25-26.

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