One Way God Can Prompt You to Pray

One Way God Can Prompt You to Pray

A couple of months ago, I was on the road and thoughts of a sweet friend of mine came to me. We’ll call her Beautiful for the sake of this story. These thoughts also came with a visual too. I began to see Beautiful’s face in a vision. (This is pretty normal for me when God’s putting someone on my heart to pray for.)

At that moment, I felt the urge to pray immediately.

This is what I like to call a “God prompt”. He prompts me to PRAY a lot. So, pray I did.

And as I prayed, I remembered a specific prayer request that this friend sent me. (It was just two days before.)

“I could use a little bit of prayer,” Beautiful wrote.  “I need the Lord to help me focus the dreams that He’s giving me.”

As soon as I prayed about Beautiful’s dreams and whatever else I felt led to pray at that moment, a car pulled up in front of me with a license plate that read: “DRM MAKR”.

I was reminded of the importance of TIMING at this moment. It’s so important to pray when God prompts us and not hold it off until later.

There may be a reason why He’s prompting us even if it’s three in the morning and we (perhaps) desire to go back to sleep.

God knows what He’s doing.


*Note: I got full permission to share this friend’s prayer request.

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