I help you pinpoint the areas of your life

where you need FOCUS and CLARITY.

Who do
I work with?


I teach children how to focus through prayer. Check out my children’s books to find out more.


I offer FREE 1:1 prayer calls, FREE prayer tips, and paid consultations to individuals who work directly with the special needs community. If you’re a parent, nanny, behavior specialist, Special Ed teacher, etc. that means you!

* For prayer tips check out my YouTube channel.

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Freedom Calls with Olawunmi

I know what it’s like to be STUCK in the same pattern year after year after year running after every idea, lacking focus and clarity.

One day, I said NO More.

No to depression.

No to continual burnout.

No to confusion!

I submitted myself to counsel – in prayer, in therapy, and through various experts in the two fields that I am continually drawn to over and over again: Psychology and Prayer.

My life began to change.

Big time.
I learned how to pray effectively! And with prayer, I learned how to FOCUS.

With focus came much clarity:

  • Clarity on how to de-clutter the junk out of my life!
  • Clarity on how to remove blockages that were keeping me from hearing God’s
    voice clearly! And…
  • Clarity on how to stop burnout in its tracks.

If you are someone who is: DONE WITH going around the same mountain, over and over again because of a lack of clarity; DONE WITH saying yes to a continual life of burnout; and DONE WITH living a life full of confusion then Freedom Calls are for you!

Freedom Calls are strategic consultations for caregivers who work directly with the special needs community (moms, dads, nannies, babysitters, behavior specialists, Special Ed teachers, etc.). Your 1-hour session will be a time of great focus and clarity. After a time of gathering information to target specific areas of your life that you need help with focus, we will dive in deep so that you receive a minimum of one clear strategy for you to implement before your consultation is over.

If you’re ready to move forward into a deeper life of focus and clarity then

You have 48 hours to cancel your session for a full refund. If you are interested in rescheduling instead please read the rescheduling policy.

You will be given a 7-minute grace period to start your consultation. If you are not able to join the Freedom Call within this timeframe your consultation will be considered forfeited without reimbursement. If you join within this time frame, your consultation will still end at your scheduled time.

You have 24hours before your scheduled appointment to reschedule and will be given 1 reschedule per session purchased. This means that every time you purchase a 1:1 Freedom Call you will be given up to 1 reschedule each time.

What do I need to do before my first session?
When you book your one-on-one freedom Call with Olawunmi you will be emailed a separate consent form for you to fill out and return before your first session. Note that your Freedom Call cannot take place without this being completed.