How to pursue God in the Secret Place

Some highlights from this audio clip: Prayer to hear God’s voice more clearly in the secret place. An example of how I pray using Scripture. Moving in child-like faith while praying. And more… *** How I grew in CLARITY & FOCUS:​​​ Join my Super Focus online prayer group: Need Prayer? Book a FREE […]

How to find a solution to a conflict

On March 17, I shared about a time that God gave me a solution to a conflict in a dream. I didn’t have clarity on what to do until the conflict showed up. God gave me wisdom and what He said actually came to pass but I struggled with fear and doubt while waiting for […]

One Way God Can Prompt You to Pray

A couple of months ago, I was on the road and thoughts of a sweet friend of mine came to me. We’ll call her Beautiful for the sake of this story. These thoughts also came with a visual too. I began to see Beautiful’s face in a vision. (This is pretty normal for me when God’s putting someone on my heart to pray for.)

How Prayer Helped Me After a Car Accident

  Burned some calories this morning at the gym. I felt great. Drove downtown to get me a delicious after-workout shake and energy tea. Awesome. I turned into the perfect spot, parked, and slightly opened my car door. Slightly. Suddenly. Not even in a split second, I found myself in the middle of a car […]

The Power of Simple Life-giving Words

  On two different occasions, I felt prompted to speak the word “WALK” to a baby who had never walked and an injured woman who had trouble walking. For the baby, I said “walk” three times and the baby began to walk about three steps before falling down. I was in shock. So were the […]

Ask Jesus for Prayer Prompts

  God can give you personal prayer prompts on how to resist the devil in your life! As a behavior specialist, I help children with various special needs and use different kinds of prompts (gestural, verbal, etc.) in my therapy sessions to teach certain skills that the child needs help with. This is what God […]

Super Capable Clothing Campaign

On November 29, 2019, I released a Super Capable clothing campaign via social media. I had the pleasure of working with amazing individuals who care about the special needs community.

Midnight Prayer Watch Volunteers

Prayer Volunteers: Every Monday from 12 AM to 1 AM EST, I pray God’s heart over the special needs community with prayer volunteers. If you are a watchman, intercessor, and prayer warrior and love praying God’s heart over His people then you are invited to join me each Monday in praying for this amazing community. […]

Dream about God’s heart for Prayer in the Special Needs Community

In early April, I got an amazing gift in the mail as a belated birthday gift. This gift, an IHOP Prayer Room CD, is what I like to call “prophetic” because it is spot on with what God has been speaking to me about for some time now. It was January of 2017 that God […]