God Encounters at Spirit Halloween

I discovered a new store yesterday: Spirit Halloween. One of the workers told me it’s a seasonal store that only pops up during Halloween season. I felt a strong desire to go inside to pray for individuals and bless them.

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Jesus healed today!

Met a beautiful couple a few days ago. I noticed a gentleman limping and approached him and his wife. I shared about how I have seen Jesus heal and if they wanted to experience His healing.

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Freedom to sing

Not polished. Not perfect. But 5 years ago, I dared myself to sing at an open mic. I didn’t know what I was going to

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Freedom to testify!

Snippet from midnight prayer (3/17/21).   Fear was a major focus throughout the night. I pray that you would not be afraid to testify of

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One Way God Can Prompt You to Pray

A couple of months ago, I was on the road and thoughts of a sweet friend of mine came to me. We’ll call her Beautiful for the sake of this story. These thoughts also came with a visual too. I began to see Beautiful’s face in a vision. (This is pretty normal for me when God’s putting someone on my heart to pray for.)

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Super Capable Clothing Campaign

On November 29, 2019, I released a Super Capable clothing campaign via social media. I had the pleasure of working with amazing individuals who care about the special needs community.

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