Ask Jesus for Prayer Prompts


God can give you personal prayer prompts on how to resist the devil in your life!

As a behavior specialist, I help children with various special needs and use different kinds of prompts (gestural, verbal, etc.) in my therapy sessions to teach certain skills that the child needs help with.

This is what God does with me throughout my day, when I’m waking up from my sleep, and also in the middle of the night (night watch prayer). I will hear specific prayers/words bubbling up inside my thoughts and He’s pretty much prompting me to begin praying before I start my day and at various times throughout my day.

Yesterday in the morning, I started hearing all kinds of prayer from Him like “get out” and “every thought to Jesus.”

Just a quick side note: Before I start praying, I hear prayers in another language or in English as thoughts in my head. These are the prompts that I receive that push me to start praying in tongues. You can find out more about tongues in the Bible. 1 Corinthians 12 is just one place where it speaks of this beautiful prayer language that God has blessed His children with. (Praying in tongues consistently and receiving interpretation each day actually played a big role in how God set me free of heavy depression and suicidal thoughts.)

So as I was praying, I noticed an email from Bible Gateway on my phone. I opened it up and saw a Scripture that has been on my mind lately:

“Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you” (James 4:7). (The version that appeared in my email was the NIV version but I wrote the NKJV version in this blog post because that is the version I memorized.)

I learned how to resist the devil while going through a lot of traumatic events spiritually and mentally. It was in the midst of one of these events that led me to cry out to God for His fire because I believed that was the solution to my problem.

God literally threw down fire from heaven because I felt it on my tongue after screaming out to God for about 24 hours and began praying in a language I didn’t know.

Fast forward – I was now hearing English words come out of my mouth with the unknown language and discovered that I had a gift of tongues and interpretation. With this interpretation, I started getting direct prayers from God on how to resist the devil. As time went on, God started giving me prompts to pray specific prayers in Jesus’ name.

If you are struggling in your prayer life, simply ask Jesus for prayer prompts throughout your day. He will give it to you and help you to resist any “junk” that is coming your way.

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